Tim Love Brings some Dirty Love in Denton

by Tracy on April 16, 2011

There are tons of good reasons to visit Denton. Home of two great Universities: The University of North Texas and Texas Woman’s University it offers some of the best music in North Texas, a thriving art community, and some of the best festivals that can be found in Texas including the Jazz Festival, the Storytellers Festival and more. Seriously, if you live in Dallas and you have not taken the time to visit you really should. However, all that said, I am not a huge fan of Denton. I am a big city girl. I like lots of options, and variety, and diversity and all the things that cities have to offer. So, even though I go to Denton on a daily basis, I hardly ever really GO to Denton. This week, I discovered a reason to go… a reason to go often. And much to my shock, what is drawing me to this sleepy town? A BURGER.

So it breaks down like this. I had plans for lunch with a friend. She meets me and asks the age-old question… “Where do you want to go” Remember, I mentioned that I don’t really GO to Denton? I was apathetic about where we were going to eat. I just wanted to catch up with my friend. My response? “Let’s go to ” then I looked at her face… “Where do YOU want to go?” I say. Clearly she has an idea. The excitement is written all over her face! She says to me… the LOVE SHACK! Me… huh? We walk on to the elevator… everyone on it says…. GET THE DIRTY LOVE BURGER. Yeah, I’m not exaggerating. So with this ringing endoresment… we head into town for said Burger.

Just a block off Denton’s historic downtown (check out the courthouse and all the cool shops btw) The Love Shack has a bright shiney new parking lot and is full to the brim with Dentonites looking for burger nirvana. Yes, we had a 20 minute wait on a Thursday in Denton at noon. That’s a first for me. (note to self, don’t go at straight up noon) The restaurant is inside a rehabed garage and is all open to the outside. Perfect burger eating atmosphere… fresh air, sunlight and lots of hungry people.

The Dirty Love Burger

image courtesy of the Love Shack

I looked at the menu, I did… I promise. Honestly though, was there any doubt? It had to be a Dirty Love Burger. So it starts with the beef. Those patties are made with tenderloin and Brisket… gulp. Then they add, two slices of perfect smokey bacon, american cheese, love sauce (not sure what is in there, but its awesome!) house made pickes (they were fabulous) tomato, lettuce and to top it all off? A fried quail egg. I don’t think I’ve ever had a better burger. I am not a burger eater as a rule. I am picky. I like them a certain way and they are never as good as I want them to be… this burger was better than I could have ever hoped. Yes, it was that good. The fries were also good. sliced thin, they are all crispy. Just like a fry should be, and salted with big crystal salt. Very good. The burger is better, but still the fries were good.

I leave you with this… Go to Denton, go hungry… get a burger. (Ok, so you can get one at the Ft. Worth location… but whats the fun in that!?) Visit Chef Love’s hometown, get a burger and enjoy all that Denton has to offer!



India Chaat Cafe

by Tracy on January 16, 2011

So, I have to admit to a shameful lack of knowledge when it comes to ordering food at an Indian restaurant. It is always a crap shoot, wheather what I think I ordered and what arrives have anything in common. I am slowly but surely remembering names of dishes but it is the one time I am at a loss as to what to order. Which is aweful! Because I LOVE me some Indian food.

My friend and I did a sput of the moment Indian food stop this week and was pleasently surprised by the Humble Inda Chaat Cafe in North Dallas. It is warm and friendly as you walk in with bright orange walls and music videos from India playing on the flat screen. On this particular evening the place was about half full. There were families, co-workers, and couples sprinkled through out the place. Folks of every strip, both South Asian and not. Although I have to admit, seeing so many South Asian faces, gave me a little lift in my heart… cause the food can’t be bad right!? The ordering system is very casual, with menus posted on the wall and handy laminated menus on the counter for the visually challenged. A dry erase special board greets you at the front door.

Chaat we were told by the friendly guy at the counter, means snack. So their menu contains a whole litany of small dishes for those that just want a snack and not a whole meal. I am a die-hard fan of Samosas and NEVER pass up an opportunity to order them if given half a chance. So despite many, many chaat options, I ordered Samosas. Sadly I have been dissappointed a time or two. With greasy, soggy outer shell, or not enough peas in the filling, or NO seasoning in the filling. These were not that kind of Samosa. They were GREAT! Hot and crispy, not greasy. Lovely seasoned cumin potato filling (no peas, but I didn’t miss them!). The tamarind chutney and green coriander (cilantro) chutney were sooo fresh and lovey. This was some of the best I have ever had. This alone will keep me coming back. They were also served with a little side of garbanzo beans called choley. I like it, but was way too enamored with my Samosa and chutnies to care to much.

I ordered the special. Butter chicken, which is always on the menu. But when you order it as the special you get both rice and naan. Uh… yeah! Of course I want both! Butter chicken is one of the few Indian dishes I remember the name of… but darn if I could remember what it was. But the name is BUTTER CHICKEN. I a mean really, who could be afraid to order that?! I place my order and sit myself down with some Mango Juice and await my order. Which was delivered to my table despite the fast food ordering system. Out it comes. This gorgeous plate with a huge Naan on the side; chicken in a tomato and cream based sauce that is the most lovely shade of red. There was also a yummy side of cucumber salad. It was really too much food. Next time, I will split my meal with a friend. This time, though it meant I got to have Indian food for dinner then next night too!

We ate until we were stuffed and I discovered that combining the cucumber salad with the Butter Chicken and a bit of rice, make the perfect bite. We packed up our food and they were kind enough to bring me extra cucumber salad to go with my doggie bag butter chicken… and then surprise, surprise… out came dessert! A little fried dough thing in the syrup I have had before and have never been overly fond of… and RICE PUDDING. It was lovely. A little serving, it was just the right size for the two of us to split after such a large meal.

The people here could not have been nicer, the food uses only fresh ingredient… which shows in the quality of the dishes they served. There are alot of choices for Indian food in North Dallas/Plano but for affordable, yummy. I don’t think you can beat India Chaat Cafe!

18101 Preston Rd.
Dallas, TX 75252



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